our way

nexelem was founded to explore new frontiers of bespoke software delivery. We are a group of top engineers and designers committed to bringing best of breed quality products to our customers. we recognize that software is transforming the world we live in. Nowadays it is software that lies at the core of our customers’ companies; running business processes and making complex collaboration between professionals possible.

We call ourselves a software company, in the essence though, we are all about helping our customers achieve their goals and be a part of their success. For us, a successful software delivery is only the beginning of the story – we want our customers to get real value from our products along the whole way. You can count on that.

the highest quality

products that meet the business requirements – because a perfect product that had missed its goals is worth nothing

on-time & on-budget delivery

because the world is full with lost opportunities and projects that went over their budgets or schedules


because we want our customers to stay nimble & versatile and be ahead of the competition

great customer service

that will make you to come back and work with us again & again – our cooperation bringing more & more value with every subsequent project

close communication

that allows us to have deep insight into our customers’ business helping us to create products fulfilling and even exceeding our customers’ needs

We think that you deserve nothing less
and nothing less fulfills our ambitions.

our services

With a broad spectrum of competencies – ranging from software development technology through business analysis and quality assurance to professional training – we specialize in delivering a wide range of software related services. Java and Java-related technologies are closest to our comfort zone, but we don’t want to be defined purely by technology.

bespoke application development

analysis, design, development, testing, support – it is what we live and breathe, our daily bread and butter

systems integration

as we understand that no system lives in isolation – messaging, SOA, portals, SSO, distributed systems – all these are our specialities


we are always eager to help our customers deliver software projects whether it is in scope of analysis, testing, adding modules or working with existing teams

project rescue

project went over the budget or schedules ? always willing to give a hand – whether it is helping with triage analysis or picking up loose ends, just let us know

IBM middleware portfolio

because we believe these are great middleware and integration products and we have deep experience with them

Atlassian products

because we have deep affection to all of them and use them on daily basis – we love to evangelize, give trainings, help with adoption, solve your problems, write custom modules

We are not interested in mediocrity.


Software engineer Java / JEE

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